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Photo Ops


What Are Photo Ops?

Photo ops are photos taken by a professional photographer in front of a backdrop with your favorite celebrity. We have photo ops scheduled throughout the weekend, see the schedule below. The photo ops will be located in a separate room, outside of the autograph rooms. You will receive a beautiful 8×10 photo which you can pick up usually by the end of the day. There will also be an option to receive a digital photo.

Photo op tickets will be available all weekend at the convention. We DO NOT have a pre-sale all for photo ops. You can purchase the tickets in advance of the scheduled photo op. ie: You can purchase a ticket in the morning for a photo op that is scheduled for the afternoon.

Only 2 adults per photo op. A 3rd adult is an additional $10.00, and a 4th is an additional $10.00. Any more than 4 adults in a photo and parties will have to speak to Froggy on prices. You can pay for the added people at our sales desk. This applies to MOST photo-ops but some may have restrictions on adding any additional people. Small children and infants can be included in with 2 adults at no additional charge.

Ticket price includes one 8×10 color glossy photograph that will be printed at the event for you to pick up. Add-on’s for an additional fee include: Jpeg (high resolution digital copy of your photo), Reprint (2nd printed copy of your photo), and Combo (a jpeg and a reprint). All add-on’s are in addition to the 8×10 print.

*Appearances, events and times are subject to change or cancellation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your photo op(s), please note that all Celebrity Professional Photo Ops are done through Froggy’s Photos.
You may contact them via www.froggysphotos.com

Select photo ops are available below as a pre-sale, any other photo ops will be available to purchase at the convention!

Pre Sale Photo Op Tickets


Photo Op Schedule - COMING SOON!

Alice Cooper Solo Photo Op - $80

Alice Cooper Solo Photo Op – $80

Friday & Saturday
Mia Farrow Solo Photo Op - $75

Mia Farrow Solo Photo Op – $75

Danielle Harris "Halloween" Costume Photo - $70

Danielle Harris “Halloween” Costume Photo – $70

Thursday & Saturday
Clive Barker Solo Photo Op - $80

Clive Barker Solo Photo Op – $80

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
CJ Graham "Jason" Costume Photo - $70

CJ Graham “Jason” Costume Photo – $70

Thursday & Saturday

Bruce Campbell Solo - $50

Bruce Campbell Solo – $50

Saturday & Sunday
James Hong "Lo Pan" Costume Photo - $80

James Hong “Lo Pan” Costume Photo – $80

Sam Raimi Solo - $70

Sam Raimi Solo – $70

Saturday & Sunday
Alice Cooper & CJ Graham (Jason Costume) Photo - $130

Alice Cooper & CJ Graham (Jason Costume) Photo – $130

Bruce Campbell & Sam Raimi Duo - $100

Bruce Campbell & Sam Raimi Duo – $100

Saturday & Sunday

Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi & Ted Raimi Group - $120

Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi & Ted Raimi Group – $120

Saturday & Sunday
Tony Todd "Candyman" Costume Photo - $80

Tony Todd “Candyman” Costume Photo – $80

Thursday & Sunday
Elvira Costume Photo Op - $90

Elvira Costume Photo Op – $90